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Marinaquip Dock Wheels

Size & Quantity Guide

Product Information

  • High density polyurethane wheel molded over a polyethylene wheel rim.
  • Highly polished 316 stainless steel axle and bracket.
  • Blue protection cover.
  • Cannot deflate, go flat or puncture.
  • Anti-lift plate ensures the wheel stays in position.
  • Large 75mm diameter axle and 6mm bracket plate do not require greasing.
  • Dual axis fastening allows the dock wheel to be fastened to the dock from the top and side, giving a stronger and more reliable installation.


General Information

Please note that dock wheels are designed to keep your boat off the corner of a dock or jetty as you pass it, they are not a pivot wheel for leaning your boat against and rotating around it.


To Install a Dock Wheel

  • Unscrew the top cap and remove the wheel from the post.
  • Fasten the base plate to the dock in your chosen position using appropriate fasteners for the substrate and load the wheel will experience from the boat.
  • Reinstall the wheel back on the post and fasten the cap on to keep the wheel in place.



Periodically check the wheel is attached to the dock properly and hasn't been damaged through use.  Check the cap securing the wheel onto the base is tight.



 Dimensions One Size
Wheel Diameter 330 mm
Height Above Dock 175 mm
Axle Diameter 75 mm
Mounting Plate Size 200 x 100 x 100 mm
Weight 7 kg